Dear Mayor :
I'd seen your bravo speak on the TV. I supposed everybody have some wisdom will 

admire your thoughts. TonightI send my innocent son of 6 years old to his friend's home

to experienced something. My smart husband went to work at midnight.


    Forgetting all the pains that our ancestors been through. We are more happiness than old

age. I was a software engineer. I am free mind in the midnight. I'd like to pray for all the

things that you done to all the people and myself. By the wayyour website is nice.


   I am a simple woman. Thinking of simple thingsBut I would like to say maybe ,one

day, thousand years laterwe humble great people , will own their houses and food

without PAY. People don't need to think everything to earn money from others and hurt


   Todayfor totally we are rich. Butmost of all the people are very poor because of

their don't have strong house to install themand health foods to solve their hungry. It's

thing like 伯拉圖主義 .But think about it. Once there was one great person to instruct the

social map ideal. What people can do! OH ~ there will be lots of things do.


   Those one love bakerythey might sale bread to earn more. Those one like to

paintingthey can just use their free color to earn more. Those one like me ,love

computerwe like to invent more intelligent products for others people's use. Those one

who like talk to each otherthey can come some speech to earn more. Those one who

enjoy designthey can design everything they like to beautify for earn more. Just let

everybody to use their own habit to earn their more expensive entertainments. Those one

who don't like worklet it be. Those one who can't study thingslet it be. But they won't

hurt other person if they are really education to be kind people.


  I know it's hard and busy things to do so. It takes more concerned. But one great person

appear that dayand that day we don't work 20 years old to earn for our house. People

smile wild.






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